Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeling the Vibe of Life and Catapulting Onward in Omaha 11-16-96

The 11-16-96 show in Omaha went down as one of the weirdest ones Phish played. There is a bizarro Hood jam where Trey holds a single note for minutes at a time as well as changing the lyrics to Lee Fordham. There's also a wacked out Axilla, a LaGrange opener and a We're An American Band encore. And then there's your sort of standard Phish weirdness; The Vibration of Life>Kung>Catapult which is featured in the video below. Trey explains the rarely played VOL; seven and half beats per second, "you'll feel it in your ass". He also unknowingly starts a firestorm of discussion at the time on the Phish newsgroup ( by saying it was "written by God". Catapult features Trey on his drumkit thing and Mike dancing with scarves!!?!? WTF? Seriously Cactus, WFT?


March to the Sea said...

hey..thanks for stoppin over at my 2 blogs. Dig phish so this will be a fun site to troll! Thanks for commentin on my two..i do appreciate it!

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