Thursday, September 4, 2008

2/15/91 oh kee pah->ac/dc bag

Here's a nifty little video from the Colonial Theater in Keene, NH featuring the classic Phish combination of Oh Kee Pah>Ac DC Bag. The 'Bag is interesting for it's Bonanza or Bonanza-like tease towards the beginning and then full band breakdowns in the middle. Hotness.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Oblivious Fool is Shafty

Today we've got the same song twice again, but not. Huh? It's Oblivious Fool (which was and might still be called Olivia's Pool) from 6/25/97 in Lille, France. That clip also has an early version of Dogs Stole Things on it following the Fool. Now you'll see and hear that Oblivious Fool is a sort of uplifting little diddy in a bluegrass type Phish style:

Fast forward a year later... the lyric remain the same but the song is now called Shafty and has a totally different musical structure beneath- dark, deep thick funk- reworked to fit in with the style of the Story of the Ghost album. This Shafty clip is from the Island Tour in '98, where Phish played Nassau Coliseum in Long Island and Providence Civic Center in Rhode Island. This is from the final night of the 4 show mini-tour on 4/5/98 in Providence. It's hard to say which I like better, they both have their merits.. maybe Shafty:

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Blue I'm Lonesome Again and Again

I hope you're feeling really blue and really lonesome tonight because I've got a doubleshot of I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome. The song was written by some guy name Bill Monroe (maybe you've heard of him?!). The first Phish cover is from 12/30/94 at Madison Square Garden, in the renowned mecca of bluegrass- New York City. Note Fishman on mandolin and Page on standup bass.

The second version is from 6/22/00 from a little country town called Nashville, TN. This one is special because it features just a few bluegrass legends as special guests: Ronnie McCoury on mandolin, Rob McCoury on banjo, and Sam Bush on fiddle, Del McCoury on guitar, Ricky Skaggs on mandolin, Mike Bub on bass, and Jason Carter on fiddle. This was the last appearance of the song and one of the few post-95 shows at which it was played (less than 5).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phish 20th Anniversary Montage

Sorry it's been a few days since the last post here... so here's a BIG one to make up for it.. the Phish 20th Anniversary Montage! This was played during setbreak at the 12/2/03 concert in Boston, MA. The band left the stage, the lights went down, and the sounds of Fluffhead filled the arena. Could it be the return of Fluffhead? Noooooo. Just another shot of Phish humor as a huge screen was lit up above the stage with some really old footage of the band. A great video with timeless amazing shots followed. So not really live Phish today, but some awesome old Phish stuff for your enjoyment:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reba Kansas City 6-13-94

Today we've got a 2 part Reba from 6/13/94 in Kansas City. A great jam- 1994 was a peak year for Reba's and this one is no exception. Enjoy:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain instead Big Balls

This video is from 12/29/93 at the New Haven Coliseum in CT. The beginning shows the ending of the Big Ball Jam where each member of Phish would play along with a particular ball as it bounced around the audience. At the end, the crowd would shoot them into the "hoop" onstage. A brief HYHU follows. Then there's the classic Fishman cover song If I Only Had a Brain, preceded by some rambling about his new haircut he got in Los Angeles. You can see the cool fishtank stage props they had for the holiday '93 run in the background.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Old School 5/20/87 Wilson

We're kicking it old school Phish style tonight! This phideo (wow that hurts me just to write that... whatever.. it's staying) is from 5/20/87 at The Ranch in Shelburne, VT (South Burlington). Phish played with another local Vermont band of that time- The Joneses at what looks like the back of someone's house. At one point the cameraman is clearly distracted by some hippie chicks and you can get a glimpse of Trey's dog Marley. Sweetness. Great early Phish video- rock on dudes: