Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Carini and That Naked Dude: Prince Caspian 11-6-98

It was a cold day in Madison, WI when Phish played the Kohl Center. Of course inside the arena, it wasn't that cold, in fact it may have even been hot. Hot enough for someone to jump up onstage naked and dance around during Prince Caspian before being escorted off by Pete Carini. How he got past the overzealous "University Rent-A-Cops" (later quoted during the Makisupa), is unclear, but check out 2:42 into this video for the man who would be the inspiration for the lyric change of Carini to "I saw you with Carini and that naked dude; I couldn't eat my food". And stay tuned in after the naked man because Trey absolutely shreds up this Caspian.

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