Sunday, December 9, 2007

12/9/95 YEM goes Silent in Albany

Well today is December 9th and that means it's been 12 years since Phish hosed down Albany with some peak epicness on a VERY snowy evening (I actually was not able to make the show due to road closures 8( oh well). This You Enjoy Myself is the epitome of the smooth machine-like hose of those great December '95 shows. The whole month is redonkulous. This is a 4 parter! And we're going biggie size on it. Part I starts with the near perfect composed portion of the song:

Part II is from the trampolines onward. The jamming is just smooth and relaxed, sounding almost like a pre-composed song (ie perfect) from about 3 minutes on. They just find a nice repeating theme and build off it:

Part III continues with Phish melodiously building up to the peak jam with Trey hitting up the mini-drumkit about 2 minutes in for a bass & drums type jam before bringing it back around to the previous theme at around 4:30. Then comes the ultra groovy Page breakdown section, the Shaft teases (with Trey reciting the lyrics), and then the silent jam at around 7 minutes complete with Trey windmilling and "playing" his guitar behind his neck.

Part IV picks up from the end of the silent jam where they take it right back into the groove as if nothing happened. Just sick sick sick. The vocal jam ends the epic YEM:


Todd said...

Thanks so much for putting this up!
I was there (it was my first Phish show) and it's awesome to see it again after all those years!

Man, they were great back then...

Anonymous said...