Monday, April 7, 2008

Oblivious Fool is Shafty

Today we've got the same song twice again, but not. Huh? It's Oblivious Fool (which was and might still be called Olivia's Pool) from 6/25/97 in Lille, France. That clip also has an early version of Dogs Stole Things on it following the Fool. Now you'll see and hear that Oblivious Fool is a sort of uplifting little diddy in a bluegrass type Phish style:

Fast forward a year later... the lyric remain the same but the song is now called Shafty and has a totally different musical structure beneath- dark, deep thick funk- reworked to fit in with the style of the Story of the Ghost album. This Shafty clip is from the Island Tour in '98, where Phish played Nassau Coliseum in Long Island and Providence Civic Center in Rhode Island. This is from the final night of the 4 show mini-tour on 4/5/98 in Providence. It's hard to say which I like better, they both have their merits.. maybe Shafty: