Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sleep & Albuquerque 12/28/98 MSG ministage setup

Might as well keep the MSG theme going while the going's good. Here's a pair of quickies from 12/28/98. What's interesting about these is that Phish adopted a mini-stage setup to do a few acoustic songs. A really small stage was rolled out off to the right side of the main stage for a 3 song interlude. It reminded me of the acoustic sections they did during the summer of 1996. I'm pretty sure this is the only show of 1998 that the mini stage was used. Note Jon "Bob Weaver" Fishman in his Viking horns playing drums with brushes and Mike "Cactus" Gordon on acoustic guitar instead of his normal bass:

Here's Albuquerque, which is a Neil Young cover and extremely difficult to spell without using spellcheck... they followed this up with Driver (no video unfortunately):

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