Thursday, January 24, 2008

ASIHTOS Coney Island

This right here is the reason Phish needs to get back together. To leave a song with such huge potential to be a monster jam vehicle having only been played three times is a crime against music. Or maybe music is actually the victim here and Phish is the criminal. Am I the victim or the crime? A Song I Heard the Ocean sing is probably Phish's last great song; great lyrics, harmonies, and a nice jam with potential for growth. Think Free or Down with Disease- both started off small but could easily become a monster in the hands of Vermont's Phinest. They premiered this in Coney Island, right on the ocean, in the great borough of Brooklyn, home to the world's best pizza, opening the show with it on 6/17/04. Here it is, the case for the Phish reunion in full pro-shot glory:

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