Monday, February 18, 2008

IT Tower Jam

The IT Tower Jam! The IT Festival closed out the summer 2003 tour in fine fashion up in Limestone, ME. Following the tradition of the extra set during their festivals (Clifford Ball had the Flatbed Jam, Great Went had the DJ Set, Lemonwheel had the Ring of Fire Ambient Jam) Phish may have outdone themselves with this one. Ascending to the top of the air traffic control tower, they played an almost hour long instrumental jam- their 4th set of the day! The tower was lit up by the lighting master himself- Chris Kuroda and there were dancers hanging by wires along the sides of the tower. Here's the whole thing- in 7 parts- just click each part along the bottom to move along to the next one after you're done with each. I spent waaaay too much time (unsuccessfully) trying to find a way to get it to autoplay all 7 in a row so if anyone knows a way- email or comment PLEASE!

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david and mary grace said...

1) add the videos to a playlist
2) go to your playlists
3) copy the embed code
4) paste it into your website or blog

you can tweak a few parameters, such as height & width, ect.

See an example at the bottom of this post I made about Bonnaroo 2009.

An a side note, if you add the tag yt:quality=high to a video, it will automatically play it in HQ.